The Toebbes plead not guilty to conspiracy charges

ABC News is reporting that Jonathan and Diana Toebbe pleaded not guilty to counts of conspiracy charges.

The Toebbes will remain behind bars for the time being after their Wednesday court appearance in Martinsburg.

The hearing was to also considered bail for the couple.

Mr. Toebbe did not contest his detention a decision on Ms. Toebbe will be made by the judge in a written statement later.

A series of court dates on espionage charges will continue for the couple well into December.

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A Maryland couple arrested in W.VA. for trying to sell sensitive data

ABC radio is reporting that a Maryland couple were arrested on Saturday in Jefferson County West Virginia.

The couple are accused of attempting to sell restricted data concerning the design of nuclear powered warships.

The arrest came after the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service set up a sting to convince the couple they were selling information to a foreign power.

The arrest came after the couple agreed to pass on the sensitive information.

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe are scheduled to appear in federal court in Martinsburg West Virginia Oct. 12 and are facing possible life in prison for violating the Atomic Energy Act.

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