An Am. Red Cross Blood Drive is in need of donors in Berryville tomorrow 1/13

battle of the badges blood drive

At this point all blood drives are urgent as reported by the American Red Cross there is a critical shortage of blood nationwide.

The Red Cross is in dire need of donors due to the lowest supply being reported in decades.

There is a blood drive tomorrow Jan. 13 at the Berryville VFW Post 425 S. Buckmarsh St. from noon to 5:30 p.m. with appointments available.

You can set your appointment at using the zip code 22611 right now.

Due to the pandemic blood drives are by appointment only which the American Red Cross reports is one of the biggest reasons for the shortage.

It is easy to set an appointment for a blood drive near your home using your zip code at the website anytime even well into the future if you would like.

Donors are able to give the gift of life every 56 days.

There is an urgent call for blood donations as the supply is at critical levels and demand is high.

It has been reported that one car accident could wipe out the current supply.

If you can give please do.

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BRWC- Pet of the Week

Blue Ridge Wildlife Center’s patient of the week was a grey tree frog.

It is that time of year where many people bring in their potted plants for the winter.

This grey tree frog experienced just that , as the plant he was hiding on got moved

into a warm room for winter.

Because of the warmer temperatures the frog stopped preparing for winter and became

more active finally being discovered by the owner.

After becoming acclimated to the warmer temperatures , and the lows have been below freezing

it was decided it would not be safe for the frog to be placed back outside.

Instead the frog was brought to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

If you want to avoid potentially disturbing wildlife, bring in your plants early before temperatures drop too low. That way if you do happen to find a stow away , you can simply place them back outside with plenty of time to find a new winter home.

Giving Tuesday is in one week, Go to to donate on November 30th.

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Red Cross Blood Drive on Browntown Rd. today 7/26

There is a Red Cross Blood Drive today Jul. 26 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Browntown Road.

The drive is being held from noon until 5 p.m. at the church.

The need is great for blood donors to restock the blood supply.

If you can donate please make an appointment to save a life at now.

You can use the zip code 22630 or your own zip code to find a blood drive closer to home.

Your support is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

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American Red Cross has a Rockland blood drive today 6/30

battle of the badges blood drive

The American Red Cross makes a blood drive stop at Virginia Hills Church today Jun. 30 from noon to 5:30 p.m..

Appointments are still available by using the zip code 22630 at

Using the code battle2021 at you can set up an appointment for Jul. 9 in Winchester.

That is in the Battle of the Badges blood drive which pits the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office against the Frederick County Fire and Rescue.

Using your own zip code at that website enables you to find a blood drive near your home.

The American Red Cross is calling the current shortage of blood severe with donations urgently needed.

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The Am. Red Cross reports a server shortage of blood

battle of the badges blood drive

The American Red Cross is reporting a server shortage of blood.

You can make an appointments to make a donation at use your zip code for a location near you.

There is a drive today Jun. 22 at the Winchester Donation Center at 561 Fortress Dr. Winchester with some availability.

Tomorrow Jun. 23 the American Legion on 8 Street Front Royal has a blood drive with an opening.

There will be a drive Thursday Jun. 24 at the Winchester Donation Center with availability as well.

On Jun. 30 you can join the River 953 at the Virginia Hills Church 737 Rockland Rd. Front Royal blood drive.

You can give blood every 56 days with one donation you could save three lives.

Anyone making a donation in June will receive a $5 gift card.

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