Clarke county announces public hearing for solar power plant

Clarke County has a public hearing set for Tuesday, January 16th, during the Board of Supervisors evening meeting to discuss a text amendment to “the solar power plant”.

The amendment to Section 5.2C (Business Uses) of the Zoning Ordinance modifies the location restriction in Use Regulation 1 to state that solar power plants must be located adjacent to, and within one mile of the electrical substations located at 234 Double Tollgate Road and 362 Ramsburg Lane.

A complete description of the amendment and clarification of terms can be found in the December 19th Board of Supervisors packet.

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REC plans for new headquarters

Sixty-five acres at Double Tollgate has been rezoned where Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) plans to build its new regional headquarters.

Following a public hearing on Oct. 17, the Clarke County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved rezoning the land from Agricultural‐Open Space‐Conservation to Highway Commercial and Highway Access Corridor Overlay District so that REC can develop a regional office as a “public utility facility”. 

REC is Clarke County’s main electricity provider.

By moving its headquarters from Front Royal to Double Tollgate, located near the boundaries of Clarke, Warren and Frederick counties, REC can better serve all customers.

REC will pay all applicable Clarke County taxes, and a representative said cattle may continue to graze on the property.

REC also plans to continue to allow cattle to graze on the property.

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