Community Health: Breast Cancer & Mammograms

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we chatted for our Community Health episode (in partnership with Valley Health) with Dr. Anita Minghini, breast surgeon & Medical Director, Valley Health Breast Center at Winchester Medical Center.

We talked about the medical and technological advancements in the detection & treatment of breast cancer. We talked about all the options that are now available for specialized care and the importance of early detection through mammograms.

The Valley Health Breast Center includes a surgical practice dedicated exclusively to treating patients with breast disease. Located in the Valley Health Cancer Center, the Breast Center is also conveniently located 100 steps away from the Winchester Medical Center Diagnostic Center.

The Breast Center offers a comprehensive clinic for women who wish to learn more about their individual lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. After consultation with a breast surgeon, patients are advised about the potential need for genetic counseling and testing, the role of advanced breast imaging, and strategies to reduce risk.

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