Chesapeake Bay Program pushes forward

Governor Ralph Northam and the other members of the Chesapeake Executive Council met yesterday to sign a directive for the Chesapeake Bay Program.

The meeting served to address the threat of climate change and how it affects the Bay.

Governor Northam is proud of the actions taken so far.

Over $700 million dollars has already been invested in the Chesapeake Bay which has shown positive impacts.

A clean bay can generate more than $22 billion dollars each year from improved fishing, increased property value, and reduced water filtration costs.

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Strasburg releases it’s drinking water results

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Results of a test on a 10 day old sample from the North Fork of the Shenandoah River near Strasburg have shown no toxins from the algae bloom.

No restrictions are placed on the town’s drinking water in Strasburg at this time.

The town is implementing strategies to treat and monitor water quality techniques to prevent contamination by the bloom.

The town and the Virginia Department of  Health will continue to monitor the drinking water as long as necessary.

Some experts suggest the algae bloom could possibly last through Oct..

Water customers with concerns or questions can call (540) 465-9197.

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Winchester and Woodstock’s latest drinking water test results

The City of Winchester and the Town of Woodstock have both announced that the latest sample of water from the north fork of the Shenandoah River taken less than a week ago continues to show no sign of toxins from the Algae Bloom.

Both the City and Town water supply continues to be completely safe to drink and can be used for all purposes.

Both Winchester and Woodstock will continue to monitor the water supply with the Virginia Department of Health as long as necessary.

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City of Winchester receives the top award

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The City of Winchester’s Percy D. Miller water treatment plant received the prestigious 2020 Gold Award from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

The award is given for operations excellence for water utilities for high quality drinking water treatment.

The award is based on a 12 month analysis of data.

This is the second time the plant has achieved the gold award.

The plant has received the second best Silver Award 2012-17.

The Awards are from the VDH office of drinking water.

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