Frederick County Fire and Rescue respond to 20 incidents in 1 day

In an email from Frederick County Fire and Rescue (FCFR) the crews had an exceptionally busy Mon. Dec. 6.

The email reports that FCFR responded to 20 incidents on Mon..

Eleven of those incidents directly involved the high winds and dry conditions.

Four wood fires were reported in a three hour period.

Preliminary indications are that many of the incidents were indeed a direct result of the winds causing downed trees, downed and arching power lines.

Those fires were then fueled by the strong winds and dry conditions.

FCFR crews were able to control the fires in a short period of time.

It is not known at this time exactly how many acres were burned in the fires.

According to station Meteorologist Kemp Miller high winds are likely to occur this weekend with again dry conditions.

It is advised that you use caution when burning or do not burn anything during sustained winds.

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WCFR and other first responders have been busy for several days

Several social media posts indicate that first responders have been kept busy over the past couple of days during the high winds and dry conditions.

Several downed trees and power lines were reported down by the winds last night in the Shenandoah Valley.

Warren County Fire and Rescue (WCFR) posted that they dealt with several fires since last Thur. Dec. 2.

On Dec. 2 Warren County responded to a fire near the Front Royal airport that required the assistance of the VA. Department of Forestry.

Later on Dec. 2 Fauquier County requested assistance with a woods fire in Markham.

A fire yesterday in the Limeton area had spread from a structure and threatened the nearby woods.

All these incidents were brought under control quickly thanks to the actions of the first responders.

You are reminded to be cautious or not burn at all during sustained winds and dry conditions.

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