Youngkin issues executive order on AI

Governor Youngkin issued an Executive Order 30 on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which implements AI Education Guidelines for the classroom protecting the individual data of all Virginians.

The Commonwealth contains the largest number of cybersecurity companies and personnel on the East Coast.

Virginia colleges and universities lead the nation in technology research and development, and critical national security and military intelligence, undeniably exposing Virginia to unique AI effects.

The Governor’s Executive Order mixes strong protections for Virginia residents and businesses while recognizing opportunities presented by AI.

As one of the first states in the country to issue AI standards, Virginia is leading the way on guidelines and pilots.

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Virginia Tech and USGS research sinking cities along East Coast

Virginia Tech and the U.S. Geological Survey recently completed a study on the East Coast’s rising sea levels and sinking coasts.

The study confirmed that some major cities are sinking as much as 5 millimeters per year, a decline which outpaces the global sea level rise.

The researchers used data points measured by satellites to create highly accurate digital terrain maps that show exactly where sinking landscapes present a risk to infrastructure.

They then used that information to create the world’s first high resolution depictions of land subsidence, or sinking.

Population centers like New York City, Long Island, Baltimore, and Norfolk have seen rapidly sinking land which increases the risk for issues with roadways, runways, building foundations, rail lines and pipelines.

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