Shenandoah County woman pleads guilty to 2 major charges

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Elizabeth Keegan, whose mother has been missing from Woodstock Virginia since 2021 has pleaded guilty to identity theft and credit card fraud.

Public Affairs Specialist for the United States Attorneys’ Office of the Western District of Virginia Brian McGee confirmed by email that the guilty plea was made January 29.

Keegan used her position in the family to gain access to her victim’s financial assets according to the email.

Keegan obtained access to the woman’s social security benefits, retirement plan, checking account, and credit card account.

With that access Keegan made at least $10,000 in purchases using the credit card of her victim listed only as L.F.K.

From October 2019 through August of 2021 over $175,000 in Federal Funds were withdrawn from L.F.K.’s account and transferred to Keegan’s account.

All those transactions were taken and done without the consent or knowledge of L.F.K.

A sentencing date is expected to be set soon for Keegan.

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