FCSO make arrest in grand larceny shoplifting case in Stephens City

Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland confirmed by phone that an arrest has been made in a series of shoplifting attempts at Miller’s Ace Hardware in Stephens City.

Ellis Osbourne Tevalt of Front Royal Pike and a female accomplish Kayla Shoemaker were caught on video surveillance stealing merchandise from the store several times.

The pair were first caught on video that was reviewed on April 18 by Frederick County Sheriff investigators.

The first known incident occurred March 30 with another attempt and video footage again on April 7.

The pair appeared to shop with Tevalt hiding merchandise in his jacket pockets and Shoemaker distracting employees.

Tevalt was identified by investigators through previous complaints and Division of Motor Vehicles confirmation.

Tevalt and Shoemaker who was not with him on all shoplifting attempts stole nearly $3,000 worth of merchandise collectively.

Several hand tool batteries would be placed in Tevalt’s jacket pockets, and he would go to check out a smaller item.

Shoemaker attempted to buy some items with a credit card that was declined, and the pair left the store.

The 34-year-old Tevalt was arrested June 12 and is charged with grand larceny and faces additional charges.

According to Sheriff Millholland Tevalt could see 20 years in prison.

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