Clarke County Fire and Rescue respond to carbon monoxide incident

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Clarke County Fire and Rescue reports three adult residents were transported to an area hospital for potential carbon monoxide poisoning June 6.

Fire and Emergency Medical personnel responded to the report in the 800 block of the Westwood Road area in Berryville.

A family cat suffered apparent carbon monoxide exposure and was found deceased in the home.

While answering the call emergency crews recorded elevated carbon monoxide readings on their gas meters inside the home.

Crews worked to ventilate the home to address the situation.

Carbon Monoxide levels slowly deceased, and the cause was determined to be a leaking propane tank.

The appropriate propane company was called in and corrected the problem before the gas was turned back on.

First responders encourage everyone to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes to prevent a similar occurrence.

Never use any gas, oil or coal powered engines indoors and only in well-ventilated areas.

It is important to know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning like headache, dizziness, shortness of breath.

More severe symptoms include nausea and vomiting.

Should you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning call 911 immediately.

Find out more about the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning from any fire and rescue department.

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