Handley Regional Library present Creative Women of Fisher’s Hill

madeline macneil tribute

An email from Handley Regional Library System Public Relations and Outreach Manager Cheryl Nakagawa announced a locally historical presentation at the library.

The Creative Women of Fisher’s Hill is a program that will focus on three accomplished women who lived in Shenandoah and Frederick Counties in the late 1800 into the 20th century.

The three featured are renowned endurance walker Bertha Von Hillern, painter Maria J.C. Becket and prolific author Emma Howard Wight.

All three lived in and around Fisher’s Hill in Shenandoah County during the height of their popularity.

Their stories are shared by researchers that recently discovered and researched their stories.

For links to the zoom meeting go to handleyregional.org to register for the February 12 presentation.

The program is co-sponsored by the Winchester Frederick County historical Society.

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