Day 5 of the Depp Heard trial in Fairfax County

ABC News report on day 5 of the Johnny Depp Amber Heard deformation trial.

Monday Apr. 18 saw Depp’s Doctor testify in the trial.

Doctor David Kipper detailed his treatment of Depp for addiction to opiates.

Kipper shared that he at one point treated Depp’s finger after an alleged fight between the couple while in Australia.

Kipper’s assistant Deborah Lloyd documented a number of instances she had taken notes on.

One particular incident documented by Lloyd recorded reporting to Depp’s home to find him sitting with bloody knuckles.

Lloyd reported that Depp stated that he had punched the white board in the kitchen after a fight with his fiancee.

Lloyd told the court that Depp told her the fight escalated when he did not give his fiancee enough support.

Lloyd stated that at times she instigated him, remembering one time they attempted to leave the penthouse and Amber wouldn’t let them.

She didn’t want him to leave Lloyd told the court.

The trail is being held in Fairfax because the Washington Post’s computer server for their online edition is there and they published the article Heard wrote inferring Depp abused her.

Also Depp’s lawyers have said in part that Virginia laws are more favorable to their case.

The case is scheduled Monday through Thursdays starting at 10 a.m. each day expected to last at least a month.

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