FCSO Deputy suffers minor injuries in an accident

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A Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) social media post reminds citizens to use proper behavior behind the wheel, obey posted speed limits and traffic signals as well.

That reminder came after FCSO Deputy Eric Cutter was t-boned on Hopewell Rd. at the I-81 on ramp.

In his Sheriff’s cruiser Cutter rolled over a guardrail down an embankment into heavy brush and foliage.

Cutter was unable to extract himself from the cruiser but was able to call for help.

After being extracted by Frederick County Fire and Rescue Cutter was transported to Winchester Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

After evaluation on the scene the driver and four passengers of the other vehicle appeared unharmed.

The FCSO ask that you drive safely to ensure that everyone arrives alive.

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Woodstock Rescue Squad shifts operational oversight to SCFR

An email from Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue (SCFR) announced the shift of emergency response oversight of the Woodstock Rescue Squad (WRS) to SCFR.

The change goes into effect today Dec. 1 with no change or no effect on emergency services provided by WRS.

The steady decline in volunteerism in fire and rescue services nationwide led to administration shortfalls for the Woodstock squad.

Those shortfalls led to the change.

The WRS did take a proactive approach to the decline and assembled a citizen’s group to help provide oversight of the organization.

That group will continue to function as is, managing the administrative division of WRS.

SCFR will be providing employees and emergency services to Woodstock from this point forward.

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Training exercises are taking place at Sunnyside Frederick County

According to a Frederick County Fire and Rescue social media post you are going to see a lot of activity around Sunnyside today and next week.

Not to worry it is training exercises starting today and into next week you will see a number of emergency vehicles in and around the area.

The activities are skill training exercises for EMS personnel.

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WCFR use recently learned techniques in an emergency

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Two days after Warren County Fire and Rescue (WCFR) members held extrication drills the training was put to use.

WCFR units were called to Reliance Rd. on Sat. Aug. 14 for a rollover and entrapment.

A tanker truck hauling only water rolled over trapping the drive inside.

Responders extricated and treated the driver on the scene.

The victim was then flown to INOVA trauma Center for treatment and recovery.

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WCFR acquires new ambulances

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Warren County’s Department of Fire and Rescue (WCFR) will acquire three 4×4 coach type 1 Ambulances.

The units have Stryker Power Pro Stretcher and Power Load System from Atlantic Emergency Solutions.

The department selected units that will meet fiscal accountability and meet the needs of the community.

The new units reduce the average age of the EMS Fleet from 8 to 5 years and move the older units to reserve status.

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Filming in Winchester tomorrow 5/15

Drew DeHaven

Filming will take place tomorrow from 2 to 8 p.m. in Winchester.

The action will take place around the newly constructed Crossover Boulevard overpass that connects Winchester and Frederick County.

Fire and Rescue personal are warning of an abundance of activity as a statewide recruitment video is being filmed.

The public is asked to keep it’s distance while filming is taking place.

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A mass casualty incident training exercise

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A 3 day mass casualty incident training drill was held at the newly completed Warren Memorial Hospital.

Over 250 personnel from emergency service providers participated.

Simulated active shooter scenarios included patients with simulated injures each day.

These drills are designed to help multiple agencies work together in actual emergency situations.

The drill involved the Front Royal Police Department, Warren County Sheriff’s Office along with the Warren County Office of Emergency Management.

The Warren County Department of Fire and Rescue, Air Care and Valley Health were also involved in the exercise.

A similar drill at Christendom College back in August uncovered some issues that needed to be addressed.

Over all authorities were pleased with the results of this drill observing that response was improving.

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