Shenandoah County Fire Marshal releases report on Strasburg fire

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Shenandoah County Fire Marshal Travis H. Hillard’s office released the final report on the Strasburg Moose Lodge fire.

The fire has been ruled accidental with no charges to be placed.

Fire Marshal investigators were called to the scene at approximately 6:30 a.m. June 9.

On arrival heavy fire damage was observed in the back of the building at 527 Redbud Road Strasburg.

After investigators reconstructed the fire scene they found remnants of a plastic waste bucket with towels inside.

Moose lodge staff confirmed that towels are used to clean the kitchen equipment including the grill.

After the cleaning the towels are placed in the bucket to be cleaned by a third party.

Further investigation including a review of security footage investigators deduced that the grease and oil soaked towels and high temperatures caused self ignition.

Security footage from Saturday June 8 until the fire ignited showed no sign of any combustible materials thrown in the bucket other than the towels after cleaning.

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