Winchester firefighters: Maintain fire extinguishers

Drew DeHaven

Winchester firefighters remind residents of the importance of maintaining a working fire extinguisher after responding to a kitchen fire this week in which the occupant put out the fire using one.

Firefighters responded to the residence on Tuesday, Winchester Fire and Rescue said Friday. The resident had a fire on top of the stove and used a fire extinguisher to put it out. It was the fourth such incident in six months that city firefighters responded to, the department said.

Officials remind residents to keep well-maintained fire extinguishers, especially in hazardous areas like kitchens, garages and basements. It’s also important to maintain working smoke alarms, they said.

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Another lifesaving tip during National Fire Prevention Week

Another lifesaving safety tip from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) came in by email for National Fire Prevention Week.

Where approximately 70 percent of Americans have an escape plan, they lack practicing them.

Make sure everyone knows how to escape when the smoke alarm sounds.

It is suggested that you practice escape plans at least twice a year both in the daytime and at night using different exits each time.

Children need to know what to do when they hear the smoke alarm go off.

They should also know how to crawl on the floor and use the back of their hand to ensure the door is not hot and if it is they should learn to use the next best exit.

To conduct such a drill, sound the smoke alarm and start a timer.

Stop the timer when everyone makes it to the designated safe spot.

If everyone makes it out in less than two minutes celebrate if it takes more than two minutes run the drill again.

Remember today’s modern home can burn faster as fire won’t wait, plan your escape week continues with another lifesaving tip tomorrow.

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