Former EDA Executive Director pleads not guilty

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies

Former Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA) Executive Director Jennifer McDonald pleaded not guilty to the 34 federal charges brought against her.

The former Executive Director made the formal plea in her appearance virtually in U.S. District Court for the Western District.

This was McDonald’s first appearance since her Aug. 31 arrest.

Harrisonburg Judge Joel Hoppe set a November 3 trial date.

McDonald remains free on personal recognizance bond pending that Nov. 3 date.

McDonald’s court appointed attorney indicated a continuance would likely be sought at that court date.

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Former EDA Executive Director is arrested declared the sole defendant

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies

The former Executive Director of the Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA) Jennifer McDonald has been arrested.

McDonald was charged as the sole defendant in an indictment in which she faces 34 counts of wire fraud, bank fraud along with aggravated identity theft.

The former EDA director was arrested yesterday Aug. 31.

After yesterday’s arraignment McDonald was released on her own recognizance and ordered into pretrial services and forbidden to contact her husband.

McDonald’s husband Samuel North is a potential witness in the case.

McDonald has asked for a court appointed attorney to defend her.

The EDA’s news release states they will cooperate fully with Government Investigators and Prosecutors in the presentation of the case.

Current Chairman Jeff Browne acknowledged that this was a long time coming.

Browne went on to acknowledge that the amount of time is not unusual in federal prosecutions.

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