Sinkhole repairs begin at PMMS

ryan lingle

Repair work has begun at Peter Muhlenberg Middle School after the discovery of a Karst anomaly beneath a portion of the building.

This type of sinkhole was created during construction when significant fill soil was placed over weaker residual soils.

These soil conditions led to a change in the foundation causing cracks in the west wing of the building including classrooms, hallways, and the library.

Pressurized grout and pier systems will be installed over the next to summers to repair the Shenandoah County Public School with costs estimated at $500,000.

Repairs made this summer will be completed by the third week of July and will not impact the school year.

FdNCON and Triad Engineering are contracted for the repairs.

President of FdNCON Freddie Neal spoke on the safety of the school stating, “Based on our experience with other underpinning and compaction grouting projects in similar conditions, the building is safe for students and staff. ”

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