Frederick County employees go above and beyond for animals

Used by permission Frederick County Virginia Government

Several Frederick County employees went above and beyond the line of duty in the rescue of some stranded animals.

First Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy Morris managed to rescue a Great Horned Owl who found himself trapped in the wastewater treatment chemical vault at Lake Frederick.

Despite the mess Deputy Morris rescued the owl after finding him covered in sewage, suffering from chemical burns and took him immediately to Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

After several baths and repairs to its injuries an update from Blue Ridge Wildlife Center has the animal in much better shape looking to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile Frederick County Professional Firefighters report the rescue of a kitten that had managed to find itself struck in a drainage pipe.

After hearing the cries of the kitten Firefighters and Sheriff’s Deputies located the kitten in a water runoff drainage pipe.

Firefighters still wonder how the kitten got into that situation, but it was recovered and now adopted by crew member rescuer Summer Sypolt who named the kitten Aqua.

Pictures of the Great Horned Owl are found here.

Pictures of Aqua are found by here.

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