VDEQ issues a Drought Warning for the Shenandoah region

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality issued a Drought Warning for the entire Shenandoah Region.

The drought warning encompasses 7 counties in Virginia including Augusta, Clarke, Frederick, Page, Rockingham, Shenandoah and Warren Counties.

The drought watch is currently posted for 13 counties including Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier and Loudoun Counties among others.

The condition prompted Frederick Water to announce the implementation of drought warning procedures immediately.

Residential customers are encouraged to reduce water usage by 15 percent and non-residential customers to reduce their usage by 20 percent.

These reductions can be achieved by voluntary water conservation efforts and a mandatory reduction of nonessential water usage.

Customers of Frederick Water, which includes the City of Winchester and Frederick County, are asked to follow a schedule for certain activities.

The schedule is based on the last digit of your residential and business address.

If landscape watering is necessary odd number residents are asked to reduce watering to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Even number addresses should water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

No watering should take place at all between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The watering of any hard surface is prohibited as is the washing of any vehicle.

Watering of outdoor decorative bodies of water is prohibited unless to keep aquatic life alive.

Fire hydrant usage is only permitted for fire suppression efforts.

Filling private and public pools and water haulers and hauling water is also prohibited.

Frederick Water warns customers engaging in prohibited water usage activity will receive a warning notification.

The third violation will result in total disconnection for the duration of the drought.

Front Royal will impose a $1,000 fine for prohibited water usage compounded by days in violation.

A drought warning indicates that a drought is imminent.

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Municipalities across the region require water conservation

The Town of Front Royal is now under a mandatory water conservation effort as the water flow of the Shenandoah River continues to drop.

The City of Winchester is currently operating under a drought watch as well.

Frederick Water, who shares a water purchasing agreement with Winchester and with current drought watch is also asking customers to conserve water usage immediately.

As of August 15, the town of Strasburg has been under a drought emergency.

All these communities are asking all municipal water customers to stop nonessential water usage until further notice.

The water level of the Shenandoah River continues to drop with no substantial rain projected for the foreseeable future.

Violations of the mandatory water conservation effort in Front Royal could lead to a $1,000 fine for each offense committed.

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