C-Cap of Winchester Frederick County opens the Freedege

The Congregational Community Action Project (C-Cap) of Winchester Frederick County announced the opening of the Freedege.

As you might imagine this is a Free Refrigerator that holds fresh produce for those in need.

C-Cap and several other organizations have made the Freedege possible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Freedege is located at the Our Health Campus 419 North Cameron Street in Winchester.

That location was chosen because of the amount of traffic and the 24 7 security.

Anyone in need is able to access the Freedege and take what they need.

The organizers of the Freedege are asking that if you can donate food you are welcome to do that by simply dropping it off.

There is also a need to monitor the Freedege and help to keep it clean and produce fresh.

If you are able to become a part of  the Freedege Clean Crew connect here.

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