Miyares and FTC sue sham charity

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares along with nine other states and the Federal Trade Commission are suing Cancer Recovery Foundation International and its operator Gregory B. Anderson.

The sham charity deceived donors looking to support women battling cancer and their families.

From 2017 to 2022, the fund collected over $18 million dollars from donors claiming to help women and families with their bills and basic needs during their battle with cancer.

In a federal complaint, the fund is accused of providing support with just 1 cent of each dollar raised while the majority went to for-profit fundraisers or directly to Anderson.

Of the $18 million dollars collected, $194,000 supported cancer patients while Anderson was paid $775,000.

Anderson also used funds to cover travel expenses.

He utilized for-profit fundraisers with deceptive pitches and solicitation letters to tens of thousands of Americans.

Virginia and the FTC previously sued two of those fundraising companies in 2021 for deceptive practices.

To view Miyares press release on the lawsuit, click here.

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Senator Warner and colleagues urge FCC to end robocalls

Mark Warner joined with a few other Senators to urge the FCC to enforce existing regulations aimed at ending robocalls.

The letter written by the Senators also requests that the FCC offer instructions similar to the FTC’s Business Guidance resource which provides plain language answers directly to businesses.

Similar guidance will help telemarketers and sellers understand and comply with regulations.

The Senators mentioned that some new regulations may be appropriate but cited current regulations like the start of the Do Not Call Registry in 2003 and the protections issued in 2012 regarding artificial and prerecorded automated dialing systems.

More recently the TRACED Act in 2019 provided additional resources to regulators to address impediments to criminal prosecution of robocallers.

A link to the full letter is available here.

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