I reckon!

I reckon it’s time for another Fun Fact.  Would you like to hear another Fun Fact?  Here’s where you would say “I reckon.”  According to Etym Online dot com, Reckon comes from the Old English word gerecenian, meaning to explain, relate, recount or remember.  Reckon can also mean to calculate or settle, as in reckoning your account.  In a previous Fun Fact we explored “dead reckoning,” or using your senses to determine where you are and which way you should go when navigating.  Here in the U. S. reckon is primarily a southern term meaning to believe or be of the opinion of something.  I reckon we’d better get to work or I reckon he’s in Alabama by now.  You could also use the term in the form of a question, as in, “do you reckon he’s in Alabama yet?”  And the answer would be “I reckon,” if you agree or “I don’t reckon” if you disagree.  I reckon we’ve covered this nine ways to Sunday, don’t you?   Listen to the podcast here;   https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Tool time Tuesday; Thanks Dad!

Tool time Tuesday and today a “thank you” to my dad.  My dad, Walter, was born on this date in 1916.  When he passed away I inherited a lot of his tools, all of which I remember him using when I was growing up.  There’s a brace and bit hand drill that I’ve featured in other Fun Facts.  A wooded tool box, that he built, filled with various hand tools, parts to make pipe clamps, files of all shapes and sizes and all sorts of metal chisels and punches.  I also have a 100 foot tape measure that I remember holding for him on several occasions.  I always held the “dumb” end, but he would let me reel it in when we were through.  Most of his tools he had before I was born so, like me, they are antiques.  Their age doesn’t stop me from using them.  As a matter of fact their age, and the memories I have of them, are the very reason I use them.  Thanks dad.  Listen to the podcast here;   https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact; Three Mile Island

I call these “Fun Facts” but not all of them could be considered fun.  Like today’s for instance.  According to History dot com it was on this day in 1979 that the worst nuclear accident in U. S. History started at Three Mile Island, a small sand bar in the middle of the Susquehanna River, about ten miles south of Harrisburg, PA.  About four in the morning a pressure valve failed to close allowing cooling water, contaminated with radiation, to flow into adjoining buildings, and the core of the Unit Two reactor began to overheat.  Emergency cooling pumps automatically went into operation.  These safety devices would have prevented the development of a larger crisis, however, human operators in the control room misread confusing and contradictory readings and shut off the emergency water system. The reactor was also shut down, but residual heat from the fission process was still being released. By early morning, the core had heated to over 4,000 degrees, just 1,000 degrees short of meltdown. Shortly after 8 a.m., word of the accident leaked to the outside world. Finally, at about 8 p.m., plant operators realized they needed to get water moving through the core again and restarted the pumps. The temperature began to drop, and pressure in the reactor was reduced. The reactor had come within less than an hour of a complete meltdown. On April 1, President Jimmy Carter arrived at Three Mile Island to inspect the plant. Carter, a trained nuclear engineer, had helped dismantle a damaged Canadian nuclear reactor while serving in the U.S. Navy. His visit achieved its aim of calming local residents and the nation.  Listen to the podcast here;   https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 25, 2022.

It’s Spring and soon you’ll see all sorts of interesting and perhaps odd creatures in your yard and garden.  One of the coolest is the Stick Insect or Stick Bug.  According to Far and Wide dot com finding a stick insect requires careful observation; as the name makes very clear, it resembles a stick. This, combined with an ability to stay perfectly still for long stretches of time, provides the stick insect with one of the most efficient natural camouflages on Earth.  There are many varieties of stick insects. One of the coolest is the giant prickly stick insect. Native to Australia, it boasts the added feature of thorn-like spikes to further blend into its surroundings.   Phobaeticus kirbyi, at over 21 inches with its legs outstretched, is one of the largest stick insect and one of the longest insects in the world.  You can find it in Borneo.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 24, 2022.

You best red it up!  I haven’t heard or used this phrase in years but as soon as I read it I had flashbacks to my youth.  When I was growing up in Pennsylvania I often heard this phrase when I was at my friend Harry’s house.  His mom would say “red this up before you leave.”  No, it doesn’t mean grab a can of red paint.  It means “clean it up.”  According the Map Quest dot com, it’s descended from the verb “to ready up,” which means to make a room ready for a guest or to set the table for a meal.  It might be related to other archaic uses like “ready the cannons.” The Pennsylvania Dutch introduced that particular idiom to English in the Keystone state. In the modern day, “ready” has been changed to “red,” even though the phrase still means the same.  If you’re ever visiting PA, especially Amish country, don’t be surprised if you hear this phrase; red it up.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 23, 2022.

Today in World Meteorological Day, remembering the day that the World Meteorological Origination was formed in 1950.  This day also educates the public on the importance of meteorology.  Barometric pressure. Jet stream. Wind chill factor. Cloud cover. Chance of precipitation.  When you listen to a weather report, you’ve probably heard these terms.  A meteorologist is a scientist that studies the atmosphere.  Meteorology has been studied for thousands of years, however, it was only since the 18th century that significant progress has been made in meteorology. Thanks to computers and satellites in the 20th century, the accuracy of weather predictions has greatly improved. The first daily weather forecast appeared in the London Times in 1861.  Today we celebrate our very own Meteorologist, Kemp Miller.  If you happen to see Kemp, thank him for predicting the weather and keeping us safe.  You should also check out Kemp’s Weatherwise podcast at The River 95-3 dot com.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 22, 2022.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re cleaning up the yard.  This past Saturday was a perfect day to start cleaning up the flowerbeds and the yard, which is exactly what happened at the Hill house.  One tool I used was a rake.  First mentioned in 1,100 BC China, rakes have changed a lot in the past centuries.  In 1874, a U.S. patent was given to a rake design that was something like a dustpan and metal broom combined.  Modern designs began to take hold around the 1920s, and since then there’s been a great deal of advancement in materials.  I used a leaf rake, but there are also garden rakes, shrub rakes, thatch rakes, leaf scoop rakes, hand, lake and roof rakes.  Why would you need more than a couple rakes hanging in your shed?  Well, according to Lawn smarter dot com, Having the right rakes in your arsenal not only makes for more beautiful yards and gardens, but it also makes the job more enjoyable.  No one wants to eat spaghetti with a shrimp fork.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’d try that shrimp fork thing if it meant I didn’t have to rake my yard.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 21, 2022.

The Moondog Coronation Ball was on this date in 1952.  The “Moondog” in question was DJ Alan Freed, “The Father of Rock and Roll.” Freed had been hosting a late-night rhythm and blues show on Cleveland radio station WJW.  Freed and Leo Mintz, owner of a local record store that sponsored the Moondog show, decided to do something that had never been done before; hold a live dance event featuring some of the artists who’s records were being played on the show.  Hours before show time thousands of teenagers lined up outside the Cleveland Arena, hoping to be one of the lucky ten thousand who would be able to get a ticket and a seat.  Due to massive ticket counterfeiting, and possible overbooking by the event’s sponsors, an estimated 20,000-25,000 fans turned out to try to get in.   Less than an hour into the show, the massive overflow crowd broke through the gates that were keeping them outside, and police quickly moved in to stop the show almost as soon as it began.  According to History dot com The Moondog Coronation Ball is now recognized as the very first rock concert.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 18, 2022.

According to National Day Calendar dot com, today is Sloppy Joe Day!  The origins of the hot sandwich are a bit of a mystery, but none the less, the sandwich is just as popular as it ever was.  Its base ingredient is often ground beef. However, others use turkey and buffalo, too. The other elements give it its flavor, though. Onions, tomato sauce, brown sugar, cola or maple syrup to sweeten it and seasonings to spice it and of course, any secret ingredient families may add over the years to make it unique. All of it is served up on a hamburger bun or roll. And is it ever sloppy!  So the next question; do you try to eat your Sloppy Joe like a hamburger, leave it on the plate and us a fork or server it as an open faced sandwich, again using utensils?  However you enjoy your Sloppy Joe, make sure you  have a good supply of napkins. Listen to the podcast here;  https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 17, 2022.

May the luck of the Irish be with you, especially if you are a prasinophobic or chlorophobic.  Both of these phobias describe the fear of the color green.  Both words have Greek origins; prasinos is Greek for green while chloros means yellow-green in Greek.  According to phobia dot fandom dot com, sufferers would avoid seeing or encountering grass, trees, and other things that are green. They would avoid eating green-colored foods like peas, pickles, asparagus, broccoli, lime, green peppers, and lettuce. Sufferers would not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as well as not having green-colored items like green clothing. They would not have Christmas trees, wreaths, and other green-colored decorations up during the holiday season. Also going outside in summer is a big no if you have a lawn.  Strictly in the interest of easing the suffering of those who are plagued with these phobias, I’m willing to eat all the green M&M’s, all the cupcakes with green icing and all the mint chocolate chip ice cream. Listen to the podcast here;  https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/