Gov. Youngkin unveils his 2022 Virginia Energy Plan

An email from Governor Glenn Youngkin unveiled his 2022 Virginia Energy Plan.

While in Lynchburg Oct. 3 Governor Youngkin reveled his intentions for energy sustainability in Virginia.

The Plan focuses on an all of the above approach that harnesses nuclear, natural gas, renewable and new energy sources to satisfy the needs of the state.

The Governor’s plan outlines an increase in nuclear energy as an objective to make Virginia the world’s leading nuclear innovation hub.

Two of the nation’s largest nuclear manufacturing companies are located in  Lynchburg.

Those manufactures offer exciting opportunities to research and develop cutting edge nuclear generation technologies that will create new high paying jobs in the state while delivering reliable energy to Virginians according to House Commerce and Energy Chair Delegate Kathy Byron.

The Governor’s plan does include actions to protect our natural resources including farmland, rivers and streams.

The protections of those natural resources are not specified in the email.

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Governor Youngkin addresses teacher shortage

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s initiatives to address the statewide teacher shortage includes attempts to address learning loss.

An email from the Governor outlines his initiatives to address the teacher shortage as follows.

The directive includes expediting teaching and renewal licenses to let high quality teachers teach.

Create a no cost apprenticeship program that targets teacher recruitment and retention efforts in communities most in need.

Connect teachers with child care options and build the early childhood educator pipeline by training high school students to be childcare specialists.

The governor’s directive hopes to collect and provide accurate, timely data on teaching positions in hopes of gathering information on what is working for teachers and what isn’t working.

Youngkin hopes this method will better recruit and retain teachers and address shortage when they occur.

All those objectives were in the governor’s Executive Directive 3 signed last week.

The “Bridging the Gap” initiative also went into effect at the same time which provides individualized student data.

In theory, that will empower all involved to make the best decisions for the student.

This initiative will also ensure that students not on track have information to address learning gaps.

This “Bridging the Gap” initiative also hopes to provide comprehensive training to enable teachers to convey to parents and students academic shortfalls.

The Governor was at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford County signing his Executive Directive last week.

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Youngkin accepting ideas for next energy plan

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced the Virginia Department of Energy and his administration are accepting ideas and comments on the Commonwealth’s next energy plan.

Governor Young said he will have seven guiding principles to selecting a plan for his “all of the above” approach.

Those principles include affordability, reliability, capacity, competition, environmental stewardship, choice, and innovation.

A webinar will be held August 24th at 2 pm.

Participants may register online now.

Comments will be accepted through September 16th through the Virginia Town Hall, a stakeholder survey or emailing

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New laws take effect in Virginia

July 1st marked the beginning of some new laws going into effect around the Commonwealth.

Officers can now pull you over and issue a ticket for excessive load exhaust as a primary offense.

Catalytic converter theft is now a class 6 felony.

Another law that went into effect bans law enforcement agencies from establishing ticket quotas.

Quotas also can no longer be used to evaluate officer performance.

Marijuana laws have changed as well with possession of more than 4 ounces but less than a pound in public now deemed a misdemeanor.

Virginia also now allows hunting on Sundays at least 200 yards from places of worship.

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VA. unemployment rate stays below the national rate

extended benefits program

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced in an email that Virginia’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.3 percent in January.

That rate is 1.5 percentage points below the rate of a year ago.

Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continues to be below the national rate which rose to 4.0 percent in January.

The labor force increased 16,461 to 4,277,757 as the number of unemployed decreased by 1,892 to 139,261.

In the governor’s words his administration is “committed to boosting economic growth, creating jobs, attracting business and lowering the cost of living for all Virginians.”

The Virginia Employment Commission added in the email  that January’s private sector gained 83,440 jobs.

Employment gained 6,400 jobs in the private sector in January according to the email as well.

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Gov. Youngkin and Senator Warner address gas prices

ABC News reports that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin addressed gas prices at the Chamber RVA annual meeting Mon. Mar. 7.

Youngin blamed federal policy for the increase and said inflation could not be fixed through the actions of one governor alone.

The governor did say that eliminating the unnecessary taxes on already inflated prices would help.

Reiterating his day one pledge to eliminate taxes to help Virginians who need it most.

The governor added that the tax cut proposal is in the House budget for fiscal 2023 but not in the Senate plan.

An email from Senator Mark Warner meanwhile assures the American people that Congress is addressing the issue of gas prices.

Adding that he, the administration and his colleagues are doing everything they can to address the problem.

The senator writes, where only 3 percent of the nation’s oil comes from Russia we needed to stop the support of Vladimir Putin and show support for the Ukrainian people.

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Governor Youngkin praises the senate on mask mandates amendment

An email from Governor Glenn Youngkin praised the overwhelming adoption of an amendment to Senator Siobhan Bunnavant’s sponsored bill.

Senator Chap Petersen’s Amendment to the bill was called a victory for both children and parents statewide by the governor.

Petersen’s amendment was adopted by the Senate in a 29 to 9 vote yesterday Feb. 8.

The amendment would help to create an opt-out from local school mask mandates in Virginia according to the governor’s email.

The governor called the amendment a chance to give parents the right to decide whether their children should wear a mask in school.

Republican Governor Youngkin sited Democrat led states like Oregon, Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware were already moving away from the universal mask mandates in schools.

The governor stated in the email that he was pleased to see there is bipartisan support for doing the same in Virginia.

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Gov. Youngkin gets to work hours after his inauguration

An email from Governor Youngkin announced the signing of several executive actions only hours after being sworn into office.

Just after Yongkin’s inaugural ceremony on Sat. Jan. 15 the new governor signed 11 executive actions.

Youngkin signed nine executive orders and two executive directives.

The actions include an order to end the use of inherently divisive concepts including Critical Race Theory  in public education.

Another order affirms the rights of parents to make decisions on  masks in schools.

A third order terminates the Virginia Parole Board and request the Attorney General investigate the board’s actions.

A fourth order will investigate wrong doing in Loudoun County.

A fifth order creates the Chief Transformation Officer.

The sixth order declares Virginia open for business.

A seventh order combats and prevents human trafficking and supports survivors.

An eighth order establishes a commission to combat antisemitism.

Executive order number nine withdraws Virginia from the Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

The new governor’s Executive Directives include:

One cutting job regulations by 25 percent.

Directive number two rescinds the vaccine mandate for state employees.

All this in day one to fulfill his promise of going to work on the first day in office.

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Inaugural ceremony for Governor Elect Youngkin will be live streamed

In a social post from Governor Elect Glenn Youngkin he invites us to watch his swearing in ceremony and parade on a live stream.

Winchester resident Republican Lieutenant Governor Elect Winsome Earle Sears will also be sworn into office on Sat. Jan. 15 along side the governor elect.

The Governor Elect oath of office will take place starting at noon on Sat. Jan. 15 for the 74 governor of Virginia at this link.

The swearing in will be followed by a spirit of community parade which will also be streamed.

Youngkin states that the parade will showcase groups from all corners of the Commonwealth.

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VA. Governor Elect Glenn Youngkin appoints a Secretary of Education

ABC News is reporting that Virginia Governor Elect Glenn Youngkin has made his first cabinet pick.

Youngkin announced that Virginia’s next Secretary of Education will be Aimee Rostad Guidera.

Guidera previously served as the director of the Washington D.C. office of the National Center for Educational Achievement.

Youngkin praises Guidera as an active parent in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Youngkin states that Guidera will be a critical partner in restoring expectations of excellence in the office and education.

She is expected to oversee a record education budget to invest in teachers, facilities and special education as part of her duties.

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