SU boosts access to early career experience

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Shenandoah University announced a new partnership with Podium Education to boost access to early career experience.

Through a new program called The Global Career Accelerator, students will receive academic credit, gain work experience, and build skills in areas like data, coding, and digital marketing.

The program focuses on challenges faced by real companies like Intel’s sustainability efforts, digital strategy for the Grammys, and charity:water’s goal to activate new audiences.

Undergrads learn about those organizations goals and are then tasked with solving those real-world challenges.

The program was inspired by the lowering participation rate of college students with internships due to the lack of opportunities.

Students of all majors and backgrounds are welcome to the Global Career Accelerator program which has zero prerequisites.

Enrollment opens on March 25th with the first group of students taking on the program this summer.

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