VA.’s Small Business Resiliency Fund includes Fred., Clarke and Page Counties

An email from Governor Northam announced the launching of the Small Business Resiliency Fund allocating almost $10 million in grants for 12 projects across the state.

The funds are expected to expand access to capital and provide technical assistance.

These grants are meant for COVID-19 impacted small businesses.

$700,000 of the funds are for projects in Frederick Co. and the town of Shenandoah and Warrenton.

Over $589,000 has been allocated for Clarke and Page Counties as well according to the email.

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Gov. Northam issues an emergency COVID-19 order

An email from Virginia Governor Northam confirms the issuing of an emergency order for the medical industry.

A 30 day emergency order will expand the number of beds, increase staffing capacity at hospitals and nursing homes and allow public health agencies greater flexibility.

This in response to the 3,500 people that are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 across the state.

The 30 day duration of the order is based on models that suggest the virus will peak in the next few weeks.

The executive order is to help alleviate the strain on hospitals and medical professionals.

The order also directs the State Health Commissioner to waive normal bed licensing for hospitals.

The order will also help to increase the health provider to patient ratios.

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VDH will open more community COVID-19 testing centers

pandemic metrics dashboard

An email from Governor Northam announced that the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) will open more COVID-19 testing centers in the state.

Nine new Community Testing Centers will increase testing availability across the Commonwealth.

The centers are expected to open around or near the same locations that were used as vaccination centers previously.

The new centers will be funded by an initial $5 million from the VDH.

The VDH is seeking funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to reimburse expenses.

Statewide testing sites are projected to perform over 50,000 test in the month of January alone.

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Gov. Northam declares a state of emergency ahead of tonight’s 1/6 storm

An email form Governor Northam confirms that a state of emergency has been declared in advance of tonight’s Jan. 6 predicted inclement weather.

Virginians are urged to take precautions and prepare now for the possible storm before 6 p.m. tonight Jan. 6.

Power up mobile devices have blankets and warm clothing ready listen for local news and weather updates and avoid travel once the precipitation begins.

The Governor’s emergency declaration will help offset the expenses of the back to back storms.

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News Maker Jason Craig of VH on COVID-19 testing locations

As we have mentioned and Gov. Northam has confirmed in an email COVID-19 testing cannot be performed at hospital emergency rooms.

We spoke with Valley Health’s (VH) Director for Community Health Jason Craig about it in our latest news maker.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Jason confirms that emergency rooms are for emergency situations and not for COVID testing.

He tells us where test are to be preformed all across our region including Frederick, Warren, Shenandoah and Page Counties.

Jason not only tells us where testing is being done but what has to be done before you get that test.

Click here for Jason’s interview.

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Governor Northam ask for your help for hospital relief

In an email form Governor Northam he pleads that you be aware of your surroundings this holiday weekend social distance as much as possible.

He also recommends mask wearing especially if you are not sure who is vaccinated or not.

The governor is asking that you vaccinate or get the booster if you haven’t yet.

He points out that statistics show that the vaccination lessen the impact of the COVID symptoms.

Notham ask that you not go the hospital unless you really need to.

The governor calls it unfair to ask an already overwhelmed exhausted hospital staff to work harder especially dealing with a preventable disease.

Northam pointed out that hospital staffs have been working tirelessly for months to care for sick patients.

Click here for COVID testing information for Virginia.

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The opening of the 1887 time capsule took place

Governor Northam posted on social media the opening of the 1887 time capsule.

The capsule was found in the pedestal of the Robert E. Lee statue partially submerged in water.

The opening of the 36 pound copper box and preliminary examination of items took over two hours with a number of water damaged items found inside.

Items like books, money, ammunition and documents were removed from the box.

However the rumored photo of Abraham Lincoln after his death was not found.

Items like an 1865 edition of the Harper’s Weekly, buttons, musket balls, money, books including a bible, newspapers and a ribbon with Lee’s image were all readily identifiable.

The conservation team put the items in a safe environmentally controlled location for further future study.

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Historians believe they found the true 1887 time capsule in Richmond

An email from Governor Northam announced that another time capsule was found at the Robert E. Lee statue pedestal Monday Dec. 27.

This time the box has been x-rayed and appears to contain books, coins, buttons and more.

This could truly be the 1887 time capsule that has been written about containing up to 60 items.

The box will be opened today Dec. 28 at 1 p.m. at the Department of Historic Resources Lab in Richmond Virginia.

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Former Governor Robb’s home is heavily damaged by fire

In an email from Governor Northam he confirmed that former Governor Chuck Robb’s home was heavily damaged in a fire.

The Robb daughters confirmed their parents had no life threatening injuries and were transported by ambulance to the hospital according to the email.

The parents were the only occupants of the home at the time of the fire.

Governor Northam shared a statement from Charles and Lynda Robb’s three daughters.

The ladies are deeply grateful to the firefighters for their rapid response and the medical professionals who are taking care of them.

The email went on to read that the daughters have what is most important to them, their mom and dad.

The McLean home was completely engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived.

The Robbs have lived in the home for almost 50 years.

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A New Market store receives a grant for equipment

International Automotive Components Group

An email from Governor Northam announced grants of up to $160,000 have been awarded to several localities in Virginia.

The grants are to fund local food systems through the governor’s Agricultural and Forestry Industry Development Fund Infrastructure Grant Program.

Jon Henry General Store of New Market received $25,000 in the grant monies to help purchase equipment to flash freeze produce.

The store hopes to freeze large amounts of locally grown fruits and vegetables into retail ready bags for wholesale distribution.

Harrisonburg’s T&E Meats received $25,000 to replace the packing room’s outdated cooling system and purchase a patty making machine.

Five other localities have been awarded portions of the grant for upgrades as well.

The governor stated in the email that these grants will diversify Virginia’s agriculture across every corner of the Commonwealth.

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