Winchester approves budget for 2024

The City of Winchester recently approved the budget for the 2024 fiscal year and announced some of the highlights included.

Winchester Public Schools received full funding for their proposed budget including a 7% salary increase for teachers.

The Public Safety department will see an additional police officer, three firefighters, and 8 vehicles.

Winchester Parks and Rec will see upgrades including a new skate park, two new soccer fields, and numerous upgrades.

Public Services will receive 2 new trash trucks and replace or repave miles of sidewalks and roadways including widening of the Green Circle Trail.

To view an infographic of the budget highlights, click here.

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Winchester is asking for residents input on two major projects

traffic flow

A City of Winchester news release is asking for the public’s input on two major projects.

Winchester and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) are working out the preliminary design for the projects.

The projects have already been approved in the five year Capital improvement plan.

Now the city is asking for your input before Nov. 19 on which option is best for the public.

You can submitted your option at

You can also discuss the projects in person with public service staff members Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons before Nov. 19 according to the release.

The first project is focused on the Millwood Ave. traffic flow between I-81 and Apple Blossom Drive.

View the schematic for that project here.

The other project is for the Green Circle Trail options to close the loop for pedestrian and bikers around Winchester.

The schematic for that project can be viewed here.

Project links, information, survey forms along with appointment setups can be acquired here.

The city has designated $5 million for the projects and is looking for the public feedback on which option is best.

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