FREE Business Counseling Services

Our conversation for The Valley Business Today with Niki Foster from Front Royal/Warren County Chamber of Commerce centered around the free business counseling services the chamber offers to startups & small businesses in the community. The services are offered regardless of chamber membership status. Joining for the chat was Herb Melrath, a business consultant, who explained what the services are and how they work.

We talked about the different types of businesses he’s counseled since the program’s inception and the uptick in startup conversations he’s had in the last 3 months. We discussed the important role of the business plan and why getting some outside advice before you make a decision to start a new business is a smart move.

To reach Herb and schedule a consultation, visit the chamber’s website:

Front Royal Warren County offers consulting service

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In an effort to kickstart the local economic recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The town of Front Royal and the Warren County Chamber of Commerce are partnering to offer small business consulting services.

Herb Melrath is a former Front Royal business owner and currently runs his own consulting business locally.

Contact Mr. Melrath at (719) 284-2291 to set up an appointment for a consultation.

The service is available to prospective and existing business owners.

Front Royal Warren County Chamber membership is not required for this service.

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