Fun Fact June 15, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re punching some holes.  My youngest son, Levi, was reading to me and in the story one of the characters used an awl, more specifically a brad-awl.  This prompted me to wonder, what is the history of the awl?  According to venchas dot com the awl is a tool that has been around over 7,000 years and it’s used for the same purpose today as it was when first invented, that is to make a hole or mark various types of items, from fabric, leather, wood or metals.  There are a number of different types of awls, depending on what you’re doing.  Scratching to sewing or marking to making a starter hole.  Most awls are made of metal with a wooden handle.  Louis Braille, creator of the Braille system, lost eyesight in one eye due to it being punctured by a stitching awl in his fathers harness shop.  He then lost his other eye due to infection.  His system allows those who are visually challenged to read through touch.  I have a couple different size awls in my tool collection that I inherited from my dad.