Fun Fact November 19, 2021.

A bit of hyperbole today.  You’ve probably heard, and may have even said, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”  The idiom dates back to the 1700’s and the origin is not clear.  You can interpret it in a couple of ways.  One is that you could actually eat an entire horse, which of course is impossible.  Another is that you could eat the rear end of a horse, again not likely.  The fact that you’d eat any part of a horse is doubtful, not to mention frowned upon by Western culture. The phrase basically means you are very hungry.  There are a lot of people in our neighborhoods who are hungry, maybe even hungry enough to eat a horse.  You can help.  We’re not asking you to bring a horse, or any part of one, to the Camping For Hunger bus, but we would appreciate a nonperishable or monetary donation.  The bus is parked at 1106 Elm Street in Front Royal or you can make a safe and secure donation at The River 95-3 dot com.  Listen to the podcast here;

C-Cap helps feed the children with Camping for Hunger

According to Feeding America almost 800,000 people in Virginia are food insecure of those over 200,000 are children.

Hungry children struggle with concentration and thus struggle with their education.

The Front Royal Warren County Congregational Community Action Project (C-Cap) is preparing several backpack programs specifically designed to help children with their food insecurity.

Items like Lunchables, Snackables, Trail mixes and other items like this is perfect for this program.

Any of those items or any non perishable food items are accepted at any of the locations listed here.

Where monetary donations for C-Cap are important those non perishable food items are just as important to fill those immediate needs of the hungry.

You can make a monetary donation to C-Cap and Camping for Hunger at this link.

Either way we thank you for any support you can offer including volunteering for C-Cap and the Camping for Hunger campaign.

We begin loading the bus at the station parking lot at 1106 Elm St. Front Royal Nov. 15 through the 20.

You will find all Camping for Hunger information by clicking here.

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News Makers Larry Elliott and Joanne Koszyk of C-Cap on expansion

canning project

For the 13th year the River 95.3 and Sports Radio 1450 will host Camping for Hunger Nov. 15 through the 20.

The Front Royal Warren County Congregational Community Action Project (C-Cap) benefits from the effort.

We spoke with C-Cap President Larry Elliott and new Executive Director Joanne Koszyk about their new distribution efforts in our latest News Maker segment.

The good news is brought to you by the town of Front Royal.

Larry and Joanne tell us about expansion plans for C-Cap.

The expansion will help to get C-Cap’s services to more people with better hours.

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