Blood type can now be added to ID cards in Virginia

Virginians can now choose to indicate their blood type on driver’s licenses and ID cards to help assist first responders in the event of an emergency.

Residents will have the option to place their blood type on cards when they renew or replace a license or ID card online or through any in person DMV customer service center.

The blood type will be displayed with a small icon on the front of your license or ID.

Proof of blood type is not required by the DMV, it is the responsibility of the individual to self-certify and make sure the correct blood type is selected.

The decision to add blood types to identification cards was originally introduced by Virginia Senator George L. Barker as a state senate bill.

DMV Commissioner Gerald Lackey supported the decision stating, “The law was intended to aid individuals and first responders when every second counts in an emergency. DMV is proud to provide Virginians with options.”

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DMV unveils new card design

commercial license renewal

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles released a refreshed design of the Commonwealth’s driver’s licenses and ID cards today.

The new cards will feature the next generation of enhanced security features that are resistant to counterfeiting and illustrate iconic imagery of Virginia.

The previous design featured images of the outside of the State Capitol while the new card looks inside the domed rotunda.

The new cards also feature the state insect and state flower in the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly and the American Dogwood.

Those designs double as state of the art security features making them more difficult to counterfeit.

Some features will remain the same such as banner colors to help with rapid recognition.

Those under 21 will continue to receive vertical cards for easy identification.

If you apply for a new license, ID Card, Real ID, renewal, or replacement, you will receive the new design.

Cards featuring the old design will remain valid until the printed expiration date.

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