Gov. Youngkin gets to work hours after his inauguration

An email from Governor Youngkin announced the signing of several executive actions only hours after being sworn into office.

Just after Yongkin’s inaugural ceremony on Sat. Jan. 15 the new governor signed 11 executive actions.

Youngkin signed nine executive orders and two executive directives.

The actions include an order to end the use of inherently divisive concepts including Critical Race Theory  in public education.

Another order affirms the rights of parents to make decisions on  masks in schools.

A third order terminates the Virginia Parole Board and request the Attorney General investigate the board’s actions.

A fourth order will investigate wrong doing in Loudoun County.

A fifth order creates the Chief Transformation Officer.

The sixth order declares Virginia open for business.

A seventh order combats and prevents human trafficking and supports survivors.

An eighth order establishes a commission to combat antisemitism.

Executive order number nine withdraws Virginia from the Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

The new governor’s Executive Directives include:

One cutting job regulations by 25 percent.

Directive number two rescinds the vaccine mandate for state employees.

All this in day one to fulfill his promise of going to work on the first day in office.

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