Fun Fact February 3, 2022.

Watch out, we’re about to run amok!  You may have heard, or even said yourself, “those children are running amok!”  Meaning they are running around making a mess while playing.  According to Mental Floss dot com, amok first popped up in English around the 16th century, associated with the people of Malaysia and Java, first described in the 1516 text The Book of Duarte Barbosa; An Account of the Countries Bordering on the Indian Ocean and their Inhabitants:  There are some of them who go out into the streets, and kill as many persons as they meet. These are called Amuco. The Amuco were a group of professional assassins in Malabar.  To run amok was popularized in a book by Captain James Cook from 1772 where he wrote; ” To run amok is to get drunk with opium… to sally forth from the house, kill the person or persons supposed to have injured the Amok, and any other person that attempts to impede his passage…  indiscriminately killing and maiming villagers and animals in a frenzied attack.”  In modern terms, to run amok is to “go postal.” Listen to the podcast here;