SNP host Innovative Training Course

photo credit Scott Bradley Hesson with permission

The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) reports that Innovative Training was held in the Shenandoah National Park (SNP).

The annual Civil Engineer Manager training course took place in early August.

The course was hosted by the Air National Guard and helps to provide future project managers with the latest knowledge, skills and tools to ensure understanding of coordination  in  real world situations.

The three day course focuses on a number of scenarios project managers could face.

Those scenarios included material shortages, leadership dynamics and medical events.

The objective of the training  is to prepare future leaders with knowledge and ability to coordinate across the globe in worse case scenarios.

The Shenandoah National Park was chosen because of its remote location which helps future leaders to learn to live and work together.

The Innovative Training programs collectively provided training for over 2,000 Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines across the Department of Defense.

The training provides over $5 million worth of cost savings to communities and military partners across the globe.

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