Warren county public schools plan for traffic disruption

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Due to the closing of the Shenandoah Shores and Happy Creek intersection on Wednesday, February 14th, Warren County Public Schools has announced their plans.

They are asking that students be at their bus stops 5 minutes early to ensure prompt pick up.

The contractor is working with the transportation department to accommodate the morning schedule.

If the work is not completed by afternoon drop off, a second bus will be stationed across the tracks for student transport.

First Responders will be on site to help students cross the tracks.

New traffic pattern in Warren County

Warren County residents need to be aware of a new traffic pattern at the intersection of 340 South and Route 619.

VDOT has completed paving between Skyline Vista to the intersection.

Now the right lane beginning at Skyline Vista is a right turn only onto Route 619 and the left lane proceeds south on 340.

Please be aware of this change. 

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