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Greetings From the Booth!

Don’t look now, but area high school football is just over a week away and a week later, a full-fledged Fall season of Shenandoah University begins (knock on wood), as the Hornets entertain Methodist on September 4th. Hopefully the Delta variant of the coronavirus won’t trip us up.

In addition to working once again on SU football broadcasts with my longtime broadcast partner Scott Musa, this season I will also be sharing the Booth with DeShon Foxx. Foxx is the Assistant AD for Student Success, Inclusion, and Equity at Shenandoah, and also played football for the University of Connecticut. Upon his graduation from UConn, DeShon spent a couple of years in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets. I look forward to his unique perspective as we bring you Hornet football this Fall!

Well, according to multiple sources (NBC Sports Washington and The Washington Post), the Washington Football Team has narrowed it’s list of potential team nicknames to 3. If you follow “Making The Brand” on the team’s website and YouTube channel, you’ll see WFT president Jason Wright tell head coach Ron Rivera and GM Martin Mayhew that 3 possibilities remain. This was confirmed by the above 2 sources and reported by Yahoo Sports.

For those who long for a return to the past, the former team name is not one of the 3 finalists. There are many who want to keep the Washington Football Team name, saying it has a cool “European football” feel to it. For me, one who writes a sports report for on-air and the website each morning, it’s clunky, and I’ve often (mistakenly) juxtaposed the F and the T when using the abbreviation. OK, sometimes not mistakenly…

I do hope the team decides to hold on to some of it’s past by keeping the burgundy and gold colors. I’ve not heard anything that would suggest otherwise. That would make for a seamless transition from past-to present-to future. As a longtime fan, I’m not ready for a radical color scheme change.

For me, I would like to see a name that does give fans a link to the past in a way that honors Native American culture. Ever since the subject of the name change reared it’s head several years ago, I’ve though that Warriors would be a great team name. I’m sure someone could tell me what’s wrong with that idea, but in my humble opinion, “Warriors” conjures up images of honor, strength, and pride. Again, I’m not ready for radical change. And I don’t like “generic,” unless it refers to paying less at the store for the same product.

Ultimately, no matter what name is chosen for the DC NFL football franchise, being successful on the field will soothe most fans who don’t like it.

As the late Al Davis famously said, “just win Baby!”

Until the next visit from the Booth, Go (fill in the blank)! GO HORNETS!