Jennifer McDonald’s trial has been delayed until October 23

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The Jennifer McDonald jury trial has been suspended until October 23.

Tuesday September 26 McDonald’s attorneys filed a motion to declare a mistrial which was denied by Judge Elizabeth Dillion.

The motion for a mistrial was due to the number of days lost due to what the court calls unexpected circumstances or health issues.

McDonald once again was not in court September 26 as she is recovering from surgery.

The trial began on August 21 in U.S. District Court in Harrisonburg and was scheduled for 6 weeks.

Due to those unexpected circumstances or health issues, only 16 days of actual trial have taken place.

More than a week was lost due to someone involved in the trial having tested positive for COVID-19.

Prosecutors speculated just last week that their case would conclude with only one more witness to be called.

Then one possibly two witnesses for the defense to be called.

After that closing arguments and then jury deliberation were expected but continual delays have hampered the trial.

The motion for a mistrial was due to those delays possibly tainting the jury along with other concerns.

That mistrial motion was denied by Judge Dillion without prejudice.

Harrisonburg Reporter Mario Retrosi contributed to this article.

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