Warner, Kaine applaud Parkinson’s disease bill passage

Virginia’s U.S. senators on Friday applauded the Senate’s passage of a bill that would create a national plan to combat Parkinson’s and related diseases.

Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, both Democrats, sponsored the bill, which is named for Dr. Emmanuel Bilirakis and U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton, Democrat from the 10th District. Wexton shared her diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease last year. The diagnosis has since been upgraded to progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare and incurable brain disorder that rapidly deteriorates mobility and speech.

The senators called Wexton “a model of grace and perseverance in the face of a difficult diagnosis.”

The measure had previously passed the House and now goes to the president’s desk for his consideration.

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Jennifer Wexton will not seek reelection next year

On World Parkinson’s Day April 20 Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton announced that she would do everything she could in her office to raise awareness of and fight the disease.

That followed her diagnosis and announcement of having the disease.

On September 18 the Congresswoman announced that she would not be seeking reelection next year.

After noticing her recovery from Parkinson’s wasn’t progressing as quickly as others in her support group a reexamination was called for.

Further diagnosis reveals that Representative Wexton is suffering from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy which is often misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s initially.

As Congresswoman Wexton put it this disease is a type of Parkinson’s on steroids.

The Congresswoman noted that there is no getting better from this disease but she will continue treatment options to manage her symptoms.

Wexton will complete her term in office and then spend more time at home with her husband, boys and loved ones.

Click here for the press release and additional information from Wexton’s support group Cure PSP.

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WPS are prepared for return to in-person learning

fiscal year 2021 budget

Winchester Public Schools prepare for expanded in person learning.

On Friday Daniel Morgan Middle School received a visit from 10th District Representative Jennifer Wexton.

The representative toured the school to see and hear how the school is prepared for a safe return to in-person learning.

Wexton saw and declared that the school is well prepared to welcome students back to school today Mon. Apr. 12.

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A new name for the Loudoun St. Post Office

old town winchester spotlight contest

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton has introduced legislation to rename the Post Office on the Loudoun Walking Mall in Winchester.

Looking to name the Post Office after Winchester legend Patsy Cline.

All of Wexton’s delegation colleagues in the House of Representatives are cosponsors of the legislation.

The Post Office is near Patsy Cline’s historic home which is a national historic landmark.

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