Fun Fact June 8, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re in the kitchen.  My coworker, Genesis, and I were talking about a must have in the kitchen and she thought a whisk is something she could not do without.  According the NY Times dot com the origins of the whisk can be traced back to a handful of twigs. In the 1600s, European cooks improvised with wood brushes.  One early recipe calls for a beating with a “big birch rod.”  By the 19th century, the gadget-loving Victorians popularized the wire whisk.  It was Julia Childs who taught Americans how to use a whisk and the various types, sizes and uses of whisks.  Childs was a bit of a collector of kitchen gadgets, including whisks.  She had more than a hundred in her collection.  Remember, it’s all in the wrist when one is using a whisk.