Kingspan will expand in Frederick County offering new jobs

Used by permission Frederick County Virginia Government

An email from Governor Youngkin announced the expansion of Kingspan Group in Frederick County.

Kingspan Insulation LLC, a division of the Kinspan Group who is the global leader in advanced insulation and innovative building solutions plans to expand in Frederick County.

The Group plans to invest $27 million to expand its operation at 200 Kingspan Way in Frederick County.

The company manufactures energy efficiency and moisture management products for the residential and commercial construction industries.

Kingspan plans to increase production capacity by adding a new manufacturing facility for high demand, ultra high energy efficient vacuum insulated panels.

The expansion will create at least 37 new jobs for the region.

Additionally Kingspan aims to significantly reduce its environmental footprint.

The new facility will use translucent wall panels for the use of natural lighting.

The expansion will include PV Roofing for renewable energy as well.

The new facility will also use recycled rainwater.

The company also plans to replace all trees that have been removed previously.

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