Fun Fact November 23, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and a lot of you will be using this later this week.  According the Mighty Carver dot com the electric carving knife was invented by Jerome L. Murray and patented in 1964.  An electric knife, or electric carving knife, is an electrical kitchen appliance used for slicing foods. It requires less physical effort than an ordinary knife and produces more defined slices. The kitchen tool consists of two serrated blades that are clipped together and oscillate via a small electric motor.  Murray was a great inventor and held 75 patents that have had great impact on American life. Mr. Murray was passionate about making daily tasks simpler for all people. He invented things that were useful, time-saving, and practical.  A few of his other inventions included a windmill to power radios for farmers who were not connected to the grid, the antenna rotor for fine tuning your television reception and the power seat for automobiles.  Listen to the podcast here;