It’s all in the whisk!

Tool time Tuesday.  Did a bit of cooking over the weekend, including making homemade gravy.  One of the tools I used was a sauce whisk.  According to Home Stratosphere dot com, whisks come in a lot of shapes and sizes.  They can be made of several different materials.  The one I used was all metal.  Unlike your everyday balloon whisk, a sauce whisk, or gravy whisk, has wire tines in the shape of a coil, so it whisks side-to-side, as well as up and down. You may also hear them called a coil or spiral whisk.  It’s able to fit in tight containers and is efficient at mixing sauces, as well as hot cocoa, dressings, dips, and even eggs.  Remember when using a whisk, it’s all in the wrist!  Listen to the podcast here;