Prepare for hurricane season

As the Atlantic hurricane season kicks off, Governor Glenn Youngkin is calling on residents throughout our Commonwealth to prioritize readiness in anticipation of potential storms.

Recently, Governor Youngkin toured the Virginia Department of Emergency
Management to receive updates on ongoing hurricane preparedness efforts.

With the hurricane season spanning from June 1st to November 30th, taking steps is essential to protecting lives and property.

Storms originating in the lower Atlantic or Gulf States pose a risk of moving northward and inflicting substantial damage on Virginia.

That’s why all Virginians statewide are urged to prepare.

Take the time now to review your insurance policy, secure your property, and create a plan that includes arrangements for your pets or those that may need extra assistance.

Know your zone.

Evacuation may become necessary depending on the track and severity of the storm.

Review Virginia’s evacuation zones at

Users can enter their physical address in the search bar of the website to confirm their designated evacuation zone.

Complete a family communication plan.

Prepare for how you will assemble and communicate with your family and loved ones.

Identify meeting locations and anticipate where you will go.

Create an emergency kit comprising nonperishable food, water, medications, hygiene items, radios, spare batteries, and essential documents.

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