Strasburg man returns home after week missing

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The Strasburg Police Department reports that Ray Franklin Peacemaker has safely returned home after nearly a week of being reported missing.

Family friends report that he originally left his apartment in Strasburg on May 26th to travel to the Bedford Speedway in Pennsylvania.

When returning home, he was rerouted due to construction and became lost near Alexandria.

The extra travel led to him running out of gas and he did not bring enough cash with him to fill up.

After running out of gas, he asked for help and was refused many times to the point he slept in his truck for six nights awaiting help.

He had only two bottles of water with no food or necessary medications.

On the seventh day, he attempted to seek help at a laundromat and a woman recognized him from the strong social media presence that grew surrounding his disappearance.

This good Samaritan offered him $20, a banana, and her phone number to call when he got home safely.

After a medical evaluation, he was released to his family.

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