Governor Youngkin signs Virginia State Budget featuring $1 billion in tax relief and new spending

Governor Glenn Youngkin ceremonially signed the Virginia State Budget yesterday on the Capitol steps.

Some of the cost cutting measures of the budget included an additional $1 billion in tax cuts, reinstating a sales tax holiday for school supplies, clothing, and footwear, tax rebates of up to $200 for single filers and $400 for married couples filing jointly, and eliminating the age restriction on military retirement income tax relief.

In education, the budget allocated $653.4 million in aid for K-12 education, $418.3 million to fight learning loss and chronic absenteeism, $152.3 million to hire more support staff, and $54.6 million from the General Fund to go towards a 2% raise for teachers and staff.

The State Budget also included $155.6 million in new spending for mental health services.

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