Fun Fact October 7, 2021.

Today in history changed manufacturing forever.  It was on this date in 1913 that the assembly line started moving at the Henry Ford automobile plant in Highland Park, Michigan.  Ford was inspired by the moving lines in the slaughter houses in Chicago and Cincinnati.  He started small with a 29 station line to assembly magnetos.  With the success of that line, the idea was expanded to the transmission line and eventually to the entire automobile.  The Model T’s frame was put on a track and pulled by a motor and rope past workers who would add various parts to the chassis until a fully assembled car was driven off the end of the line.  This innovation reduce the time it took to build a Model T from 12 and a half hours to six,  Within a year, as improvements were made to the assembly line, that six hours was reduced to about 93 minutes per car and by about 1916 one car was made every 24 seconds. The assembly line reduced the cost of building a car and thereby allowed Ford to realize his dream of producing a car that was affordable by the ordinary customer.  Listen to the podcast here;