They’re malted!

They’re malted and they are fabulous!  One of my favorite candy, mind you the list is long, is the malt ball.  According to Candy Favorites dot com, The idea for malted milk balls originally began in England.  In 1887, William Horlick created malted milk powder. At the time, he thought he would market it as a health food.  Instead, the malted milk powder became a sweetener for everything under the sun.  The idea to sweeten candy with malted milk came to fruition in 1936 when Forrest Malt created Malteasers, a malted milk center covered with chocolate.  It took a few years for the same idea to make it’s way to America.  In 1939, the Overland Candy Company brought Giants onto the scene.  10 years later, in 1949, Giants became Whoppers, the name that’s stuck with them ever since.  Listen to the podcast here;