News Maker Pam Coyle for the Mason Ryder benefit

8 year old Mason Ryder and his family are facing tremendous health bills as Mason faces a liver transplant.

Mason has a one in a million disease that has kept him in the hospital most of his life.

Pam Coyle is inviting you to help the family this Sat. Jun. 19.

The event at 1481 Hazard Mill Road in Bentonville starts at 3 p.m..

Here is a link to the Benefit for Mason Facebook page.

Follow the signs for live music, good food, corn hole tournament and more.

Pam tells us what Mason is going through and how much the family could use our support.

Here is Pam’s interview.

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Fun Fact May 21, 2021.

Tomorrow is Saturday, May 22, 2021.  Just another Saturday for most of you.  For me and my family it marks a milestone.  My oldest son Mason will be graduating from High School.  I don’t know where the last 18 years have gone.  It’s true what you hear, the older you get the faster the time seems to go.  Tomorrow Mason will walk across a stage and receive his diploma.  In a few months he’ll be heading off to college and I’m sure those months will fly by too.  I’m proud of the young man he has become and I’m sure the Lord has big plans for him.  If you have a moment, join me in saying a little prayer for him and all the other young men and women who will be taking this first step into adulthood.  The world they are going into is sure different from when I was that age.  It will be up to them to try to right the wrongs and lead us into the future, not to mention raise the generation that will take over after them.  No pressure. 

Fun Fact April 27, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re grinding, on an angle.  My oldest son, Mason, was fabricating a spare tire mount for his truck over the weekend and one of the tools he was using was an angle grinder.  The angle grinder was invented in 1954 by a German company called Ackermann-Schmitt.  The angle grinder can be powered by electricity, compressed air or even battery.  It was originally developed as a grinder using abrasive discs, but soon other types of discs were developed to widen the possible uses of the tool.  Today you can get discs for cutting, polishing, grinding, sanding and cleaning.  With so many attachments, the angle grinder is a must have in any shop, especially those that work with metal.