Medical Examiner’s report on the death of Ralph Ennis

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The death of Ralph Ennis of Pennsylvania was determined to be natural causes according to the just released Medical Examiner’s (ME) report.

An email from Administrative Deputy Arkuie Williams of the Richmond ME’s Office confirms the cause of death as natural.

Williams goes on to list the cause verbatim as complications from Alzheimer disease, cerebral amyloid angiopathy and hypternsive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

No other information is allowed to be divulged according to Williams as the job of the Medical Examiner’s Office is to simply determine the cause and manner of death and nothing more.

The 77 year old Ennis sustained injuries in an arrest April 2 was treated at Warren Memorial Hospital then transferred to Winchester Medical Center after complications were observed.

Ennis passed away on April 15 while in Hospice Care in Winchester.

An internal and Virginia State Police investigation into the arrest has been launched with no results reported at this time.

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