Changes made to Pleasant Valley Road

The City of Winchester made adjustments to the traffic pattern on Pleasant Valley Road along Jim Barnett Park and Mount Hebron Cemetary.

Drivers will notice two double yellow lines creating a small median in the middle of the road and also narrowing the lanes.

The speed limit was also lowered to 35 mph.

These changes are in an effort to calm traffic flow in the area and improve driver safety.

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FCSO reminds motorists of school bus safety

Children are back to school across the Valley with Frederick County Public Schools returning on Monday.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind motorists to be extra cautious in school zones and around buses.

School zone signs will be turned back on during designated times.

Some of those with lower speed limits enforced.

Passing a school bus from any direction is a Class 1 misdemeanor under the Reckless Driving statute.

This is important because children entering or exiting a bus can be unpredictable.

The only time motorists can pass a school bus with it’s stop sign out is if the roadway is divided by a positive barrier like a grassy median or jersey wall.

Cars travelling in the same direction the bus must stop but those on the other side of the barrier may continue.

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