Middletown enters partnership to help cat population

christmas parade canceled

Middletown announced that they are entering an alliance with the Community Cat Alliance  to conduct a canned and dry cat food drive for unowned cats in the area.

They have established a goal of 2,400 pounds of cat food by the end of April.

Donations can be dropped off at Middletown’s town offices at 7875 Church Street or Amazon orders can be sent directly to Mayor Charles Harbaugh at 7875 Church Street, Middletown, Virginia, 22645.

The Community Cat Alliance will use donations to feed unowned cat colonies.

The Alliance also traps, spays, and neuters outdoor, unowned cats to help control cat populations which can affect other wildlife in the area.

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Middletown announces New Year’s plans

The Town of Middletown announced their new family friendly event, First Night Middletown.

The celebration will take place at the Town Office on New Years Eve from 6 pm – 9 pm.

The event is in partnership with the Winchester Model Railroad Club which is moving their headquarters to Middletown and helping to rebuild the B&O Railroad Station.

Visitors will get a glimpse at the new station as the top floor of the office will feature model, operating railroad layouts.

There will also be kids activities, magical performances from Kevin Owens and live music.

Old Town Winchester announced earlier this year that their annual First Night celebration will no longer take place.

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